About me

I have over 16 years worth of industry experience working for digital agencies and large corporations. I am well versed in front-end and back-end development.

I'm currently working at Graphic, a WPP company which came out of a digital team at the Guardian. Graphic specialise in data visualisation.

My forte is building Umbraco driven websites. The largest site I've built (as part of a team) and now maintain myself serves 24,000 users, has a charting engine, serves 7  different countries and translates into 6 different languages, and now runs on an Elastic Load Balanced environment over SSL.

Whilst I call myself a front-end developer, for the last 2 years I have been responsible for all aspects of development and site deployments at Graphic, and previously when working at the Guardian I was deployed in both front-end and back-end tasks, depending on project requirements and resources.

I have also project managed and delivered websites and email campaigns for Monster, Clinton Cards, Ovarian Cancer Action and a variety of other charitable organisations whilst I ran my own digital agency.

Senior Programmer
Middleweight Designer
Project manager of small to medium sized projects
Proficient front-end/back-end programmer, .Net, Umbraco..

Client site portfolio includes:

Experience: 14 Years
Front end technologies: Jquery
Responsive templating
MailChimp API
Back end technologies: Umbraco
Razor Scripting
Other Technologies: TeamCity
Tortoise Git

A few fun facts about myself

I live on a hurricane damaged 57ft sail boat next to Tower Bridge with my girlfriend. I've sailed to the Caribbean twice. I own six musical instruments, but can only play two of them (badly).

I can't swim.