I'm the chap on the left

Hello, I'm Tim Butler. I'm a front-end Developer with over 16 years of experience in both digital agencies and large corporations. For the past 3 years I've contracted for a company called Graphic (formally the Guardian Digital Agency) who specialise in data visualisation.

I have a diverse range of skills. My main forte is Umbraco, and along with my front end skills I'm a proficient back-end developer, and in my current role I'm responsible for all site deployments and server management.

Put simply, I'm a can-do developer proficient in all aspects of web development, who's also happy to manage small teams.



Kantar Consulting


Ad Reaction 2017

Millward Brown

Graphic Digital Agency


Brand Footprint 2017

Kantar Worlpanel

Cultural Education Portal

Arts Council

Urban Transport Systems

The Future Spaces Foundation

Nestle 150

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